Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Operations Research in Google Summer of Code

Currently the Google Summer of Code 2009 is taking applications from students at the college level. The Google Summer of Code is a sponsorship of Open Source projects that students can get a stipend for their work on those projects. Students must apply just like an internship and with an acceptance they can start to collaborate on any number of projects. This is Google's 5th year of sponsoring this program to promote Open Source software.

There are a couple of projects that are Operations Research related that I encourage students to review. The R Foundation for Statistical Computing is sponsoring several projects on statistical software implementations. These projects include informational portals to R packages, recursive partitioning algorithms, metrics analyzers and monitors. The Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Univ. of Michigan is sponsoring projects on grid computing and its use with complex mathematical models. The software projects include Gridsweeper enhancements, Tools for Analysis of Computational ExperimentS, and developing libraries for Agent-Based Models.

Here is a complete list of accepted Google Summer of Code organizations for 2009.

The Google Summer of Code program has done a great job of advocating Open Source software. I would like to see more involvement from the Operations Research community. I'm surprised to see very little involvement from IBM. Perhaps there is still more work to do in the Operations Research community to show the benefits of Open Source software.

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