Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IEORToolsOS: Linux distribution update

I've been doing a little work on the Linux distribution with a bent towards Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I especially want to use this operating system to showcase free software and open source tools in the IE/OR fields.

I've decided to switch from Knoppix to Morphix. Knoppix was getting difficult because it easily got bloated with software. I had a hard time trying to get rid of software in order for everything to fit within 700MB. Morphix is based on Knoppix and was designed to be customizable, hence its name is a derivative of morphing and knoppix. Its base design is only 150MB which leaves a lot of room to add new software.

I've also settled on a name for this Linux distribution. I'm calling it IEORToolsOS. I know it is not very orignial but I wanted it to be readily recognizable of its function for existence. Also I can use this blog as a website for updates.

I'm still in the thought process of how to host the completed software project. I've not heard back from Google Code yet. I might have to host it myself. I've created a web server before that I hosted myself but it requires a dynamic IP address which wasn't too robust. I'll keep my options open.

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