Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Operations Researcher predicts Yankees to win World Series

Bruce Buckiet of NJIT predicts that the Yankees are going to win the World Series as covered by Science Daily. Bruce's model predicts a 70 percent chance that the Yankees will beat the Phillies. You can follow Bruce's predictions on his website Bruce has game to game predictions for the best of seven series including the probably outcomes of each possible starting pitcher.

Baseball is no stranger to Operations Research. Michael Trick is a member of the Sports Scheduling Group that assists MLB in scheduling their games for the past three years.


red dave said...

How do you use OR for these sorts of predictions? A bayesian Net I can understand but OR?

Larry said...

red dave, you bring up a great issue that has been hounding Operations Research since its mainstream inception. What is Operations Research?

I like to define Operations Research as... The science of making better decisions. So in essence this is exactly Prof. Bruce Buckiet is doing when he is applying mathematical science to help solve the age old question of who will win the World Series.

Thanks for the great comment.