Thursday, May 6, 2010

R has a revolutionary commercial launch

R is going commercial and mainstream thanks to Revolution Analytics. Revolution Analytics, formerly REvolution Computing, is going to take R to the next level in predictive analytics and data mining for enterprise business. Many in the OR blog sphere is reporting on this move as it can mean big changes to the statistical enterprise software market.

Revolution Analytics is going to bridge the academic and business divide by providing solutions that were considered limitations to R in the past. They will be focusing on software enhancements that will be able to handle larger datasets. There is going to be better use of multi-core processing power. There is also going to be improvements to user-interfaces for business analysts.

R is a free and open source software environment for statistical computing and data visualization. I think it is too early to tell what this announcement is going to mean for the statistical enterprise software market. Revolution Analytics has already said that they will be mixing proprietary methods with R. This will be interesting to see how the R community embraces that relationship. R is licensed under the Gnu Public License which is supported by the Free Software Foundation. That is a crowd that does not take too kindly to proprietary software and patents. It will be interesting to follow Revolution Analytics and how they are able to implement their roadmap.

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