Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OpenOpt release 0.29

New OpenOpt Suite release is out. This is free (license: BSD) and cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) Python language modules for numerical optimization, automatic differentiation, solving systems of linear/nonlinear/ordinary differential equations etc. It is published quarterly since 2007, already has some essential applications and expected to become even more popular with Python release 3.3, where dynamic compilation will be implemented.

OpenOpt 0.29:
* Some minor bugfixes
* Some improvements for handling sparse matrices
* Bugfix for problems with nonlinear equality constraints
* Major changes for problems with nConstraints>1

FuncDesigner 0.19:
* Some improvements for automatic differentiation
* New feature: attached constraints
* New feature: oosystem
* Now you can model & solve ODE systems

DerApproximator 0.19:
* Function get_d2
* Add new stencil

You can try it online via our Sage-server.
See also: Full Changelog, Future Plans

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