Tuesday, August 3, 2010

R IDE for Linux and Gnome

I have been using R in my work recently.  I have also been using R at home to do some tinkering.  In my work environment I use Windows (none too pleased).  I find using the regular R console with Textpad makes for a good Windows development environment.  I haven't been able to replicate this at my home.  At my home I have Ubuntu as my operating system.  I have been searching for a comparable R environment for my home.

That is until now.  The statistics blog at Stattler.com did some research on this very topic of R and Ubuntu.  They found a plugin for R with the text editor Gedit that works wonders.  The plugin is called Rgedit and is very easy to install.  Stattler offers a simple instruction for installation.  Also Stattler has a great review of the Rgedit plugin. Rgedit is very similar in layout to usual gedit text editor except it splits the panes of the screen for code and R output.

Some of the highlights of the Rgedit plugin include:
  • Split screen of panes and can be turned on and off
  • Syntax highlighting specific to the R code
  • Single line or batch processing of R scripts
  • Multiple R workspaces can be run
  • Shortcut keys can be created and customized
This plugin suits my needs just fine for my Ubuntu uses with R.  There are many other IDEs for R that you may find suit your needs better.  The the beauty of open source software is that there never seems to be a shortage of options.


Paul Rubin said...

Thanks for the tip. I have the mirror of your scenario -- Linux Mint at the office and on the laptop but Windows at home. JGR is a pretty nice GUI for R, works great on Windows (and should also work on OS/X), and works okay on Linux _if_ you can get all the dependencies installed. I used to use it exclusively, but since R 2.10 I've been unable to install on Linux. So the gedit plug-in looks promising.

Larry said...

I envy you! I would love to have Linux at work. I am not a Windows fanboy for sure.