Thursday, September 16, 2010

Current Data Mining and Analytics Challenges

I love the Data Mining and Analytics Challenges.  There tends to be so much collaboration and open knowledge especially if the challenge has an affiliated forum.  There really is so much to learn and the challenges offer a great way to bring all of the resources and knowledge together.  Here is a list of the current challenges underway in the Data Mining community.

  1. Kaggle is hosting a three competions.   Tourism Forecasting part one challenges to predict 581 tourism-related time series. Chess Ratings - Elo vs the rest of the World is trying to determine a chess rating system that is better than the current Elo rating system. INFORMS Data Mining Contest challenges to predict intra-day stock price movements based on experts predictions, sector data, and other indicators.
  2. TunedIT is another competition hosting organization.  Currently TunedIT is hosting the e-LICO mutli-omics prediction challenge with background knowledge on Obstructive Nephropathy.  Yes, I had to look it up too.
  3. UC San Diego is hosting the 2010 UC San Diego Data Mining Contest.  This is a two task contest which tries to predict e-tailer's data on consumer and non-consumer information.  The two tasks are a binary preditor and a boolean-transformed predictor.

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