Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OpenOpt Suite release 0.33

New release 0.33 of OpenOpt Suite is out:


  • cplex has been connected
  • New global solver interalg with guarantied precision, competitor to LGO, BARON, MATLAB's intsolver and Direct (also can work in inexact mode), can work with non-Lipschitz and even some discontinuous functions
  • New solver amsg2p for unconstrained medium-scaled NLP and NSP


  • Essential speedup for automatic differentiation when vector-variables are involved, for both dense and sparse cases
  • Solving MINLP became available
  • Add uncertainty analysis
  • Add interval analysis
  • Now you can solve systems of equations with automatic determination is the system linear or nonlinear (subjected to given set of free or fixed variables)
  • FD Funcs min and max can work on lists of oofuns
  • Bugfix for sparse SLE (system of linear equations), that slowed down computations and demanded more memory
  • New oofuns angle, cross
  • Using OpenOpt result(oovars) is available, also, start points with oovars() now can be assigned easier

SpaceFuncs (2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric package with abilities for parametrized calculations, solving systems of geometric equations and numerical optimization with automatic differentiation):

  • Some bugfixes


  • Adjusted with some changes in FuncDesigner

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