Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OpenGamma startup claims Open Source Financial Analytics

According to h-online.com a new startup firm, OpenGamma, is preparing to launch its Open Source Financial Analytics solutions.  OpenGamma is a London based firm that will specialize in risk management and financial markets by providing software architecture.  From the article, this is a quote from the CEO Kyle Wylie

"Our goal in building OpenGamma isn't just to build an open source technology" said Wylie, "Our goal is to build the best platform for financial analytics and risk management possible". The platform will be made available under a "commercial friendly open source licence"
OpenGamma is going to provide several solutions based on its Open Architecture software platform.  According to their website they will be providing batch risk systems, commercial trading, bespoke trading, and event-driven alert systems.  The companies main moniker and selling point is that all of their software code with be Open.  This means that companies will have the flexibility to not only debug but potential contribute back to the project, in theory.

This sounds like a brave yet prudent business venture.  I think OpenGamma could be wildly successful with their Open Architecture platform.  They can be especially successful if they allow the financial analytics community to contribute back to their software platforms.  I believe we will be seeing more companies and startups like this in the future in Analytics.  Perhaps there is an Open Source Operations Research platform on the horizon.

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