Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Podcast with Revloutions Analytics CEO Norman Nie

Through the Revolutions blog there is a really interesting podcast about R by Internet Evolution Radio interviewing Norman Nie.  Norman Nie is the CEO of Revolutions Analytics which I posted about in the past on how Revelotion Analytics is going to take R commercial.

In this podcast Norman is asked a lot of interesting questions about R and the statistical modeling enterprise in general.  They discuss his past with SPSS.  They also discuss the advantages of using an Open Source software versus a proprietary platform.  The interview gets really interesting when they discuss how statistical data is important to enterprise business and how a lot of organizations get it wrong.

If you are new to R and want to know more about its capabilities this is a great podcast.


Anonymous said...

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Larry said...

I will take suggestion for the comments under advisement. I've really wanted the comments to be a more featured portion of IEOR Tools blog but I'm worried about the comment spam.

I've got some future plans for IEORTools that I will be tinkereing and testing. Look out for You heard it hear first!