Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Data Mining Books List

I came across a great list of Data Mining Books while perusing around the internet.  The list is maintained by Kurt Thearling who is Director and Chief Scientist in various organizations helping to develop their Analytics and Engineering groups.  Kurt has written some white papers on the subject of Data Mining and has also been featured on NPR.  Kurt's NPR piece was about data mining and privacy which is obviously a big subject in our Facebook society today.

I believe this is probably one the the most comprehensive lists of Data Mining books available.  If you are interested in obtaining one of these books please be sure to peruse the the new IEOR Tools Online Store Data Mining section.  There you can find books and references on Data Mining with varying levels from introductory to advanced applications.


Brian Smith said...

Hello. Yesterday I found two new books about Data mining. These series of books entitled by ‘Data Mining’ address the need by presenting in-depth description of novel mining algorithms and many useful applications. In addition to understanding each section deeply, the two books present useful hints and strategies to solving problems in the following chapters.The progress of data mining technology and large public popularity establish a need for a comprehensive text on the subject. Books are: “New Fundamental Technologies in Data Mining” here & “Knowledge-Oriented Applications in Data Mining” here These are open access books so you can download it for free or just read on online reading platform like I do. Cheers!

Larry D'Agostino said...

Thanks Brian for the reference to the data mining books.