Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question and Answer sites for Analytics and Operations Research

This post is inspired from a similar post on Jeremy Anglin's blog about statistics question and answer sites.  I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the Operations Research and Analytics focused question and answer sites.  Some of these

Operations Research
This site is a stackexchange Q&A Site started by Michael Trick.  A crowd sourcing question and answer resource for anything Operations Research related.  I believe the best one available for Operations Research.

Numerical Optimization Forum
I find it unfortunate that there is so little forums based on Operations Research.  This is one of the few and it is a good one.  It is moderated by IEOR Tools contributor Dmitrey.

I'm purposely leaving out the sci.ops-research Usenet group because I believe its fallen into disarray with spam content.

Cross Validated
My favorite stack-exchange site dedicated to statistics.

Math Overflow  

StackOverflow - R tag    
StackOverlow - SQL tag 

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists do not get as much notoriety as they once did.  Maybe because there are so many other options on the internet for getting information.  I still think they are a valuable resource and a good online community.

R Help Mailing List
GLPK Mailing List
COIN-OR Mailing List(s)

Beta StackExchange Sites
These sites might be of interesting to the Operations Research community.  They are not live yet but are looking to generate a following. (Interesting.  Do they know about OR-Exchange?)

I would love to see more examples that I can include in this list.


I forgot to add O'Reilly's Q&A site with the R tag.


Paul Rubin said...

"I'm purposely leaving out the sci.ops-research Usenet group because I believe its fallen into disarray with spam content." -- One man's spam is another man's entertainment. :-)

FYI, I tried the Area 51 links for the R site (which I would have appreciated) and the OR site (redundant), and both are flagged as removed.

Larry said...

Thanks for the update Paul. The StackOverflow R tag is a really good R Q&A method. There are a lot of really good questions already posted and new ones are answered fairly quickly. I highly recommend the StackOverflow site for questions related to programming almost anything.

Shanu Aueostin said...

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