Monday, March 27, 2017

Introducing Boardgame Recommendation website built with Shiny

My family and I love boardgames.  We are also on the lookout for new ones that would fit with the ones we already like to play.  So I decided to create a boardgame recommendation website

I built it using R.  The recommendation engine uses a very simple collaborative filtering algortihm based on correlation scores from other boardgame players collection lists.  The collections are gathered using the API from  It is very much in a beta project phase as I just wanted to get something built to get working.

I also wanted another project to build in Shiny.  I really like how easy it is to publish R projects with Shiny.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to enter your own collection
  • Get recommendation on your collection
  • Amazon link to buy boardgame that is recommended
Its a work in progress.  There is much to clean up and to make more presentable.  Please take a look and offer comments to help improve the website. 


Icaro said...


Is it open source?


Simon Reinsperger said...

Great idea,

I would also love to see your code, do you mind open sourcing it?
Also I noticed that there are some games that get recommended all the times (like munchkin, risk, monopoly, magic, etc), I guess that everybody owns them... Maybe the question could be more explicit like "Which games do you like or played recently?" instead of "which games do you own?"


Paul Rubin said...

Cool! You might want to scatter some tool tips around, including how to interpret the scores. Also, I lost my connection to the server pretty quickly -- you must have it your monthly limit -- so I couldn't tell if there's a way to add games (or suggest additional games). I notice you had one or two titles from the Avalon Hill canon, but you were missing a bunch.

Aaron said...

+1 request to open-source it. Very cool app.

Here We Are said...

I think having the ability to save your profile so you don't have to enter in your games every time would be very valuable. It would also allow you to collect data on what users collections look like

Larry said...

As Paul said I've hit my server limit. I think it a good idea to open source it. I'm going to put it on Github. Some great ideas here.

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