Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Source companies taking off

The Open Road blog at CNET has a post by Matt Asay on how Open Source companies are doing very well in this economy. Most of the companies he mentions are software and hardware vendors of varying types of applications. One of the most interesting mentions is Red Hat, a Linux server vendor and application company, is adding 600 new employees. In a time of rapid unemployment this is a great thing.

Its great to see that Open Source is providing a good niche for the slow economy. The Open Source price tag (i.e. free) especially does well for the bottom line of any IT organization. The Linux desktop has broken the 1% market share for the first time in its history. I feel that is only going to increase.

I would like to see more Operations Research companies be included in the future. IBM is definitely making their presence known with ILOG. I would like to see IBM use their Open Source prowess in the Operations Research realm. COIN-OR is a great place in the Operations Reserach community to showcase Open Source advancements.

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