Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PyMathProg new website on Sourceforge

PyMathProg has a new website on the open source code sharing repository Sourceforge. The website is well designed with documentation and examlpes of implementing the optimization modeling code. This was announced on the GLPK mailing list forum by the developer.

Currently PyMathProg is at version 0.1.1. PyMathProg is a python implementation of the free software optimization solver kit GLPK. PyMathProg connects via PyGLPK. PyMathProg gives the option of installing via Windows or Linux.

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Bernoulli-Blogger said...

Very cool. In my last post on my blog I said was leaving OpenOpt in favor of GLPK. Since I have not started GLPK yet, I will have to give PyMathProg a shot since I would like to stay within Python.