Friday, May 22, 2009

Operations Research recent software releases

Here is an aggregate of software stories of some tools that have been released to the Operations Research community lately.

Gurobi free trial
As pointed out by many blogs (Yet Another Math Programming blog and OPSRES blog) Gurobi has released their free trial version 1.1 for download.

OpenOpt updates
OpenOpt, the python optimization tool kit, has updated their Global Solver kit with PSwarm 4.1 solver which will help with some minor optimization speedups.

MiniZinc released
Hakank of the Constraint Programming Blog announced the release of MiniZinc version 1.0. MiniZinc is a constraint programming modeling language which is free software released under a BSD-style license. Hakank does a complete write-up of all the features of MiniZinc and its derivative software packages.


Geoffrey De Smet said...

Don't forget Drools Solver, released on 19 may.

Drools solver is an open source planning problem solver for planning problems such as examination timetabling, patient admission scheduling, traveling tournament problem, bin packaging, ...

Larry said...

Great catch Geoffrey. Thank you for contributing the release of Drools.