Thursday, December 15, 2011

Expanded list of online courses for data analysis

The folks at Stanford have been really busy putting together online curriculum for the world to learn.  This is a followup to a previous post Machine Learning for everyone.  Stanford has included a bunch of other courses that they will promote online.

Some of the interesting courses are
  • Model Thinking
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Game Theory
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
Apart from the promoted online courses from Stanford there is also other courses of interest that are not promoted but still access to lectures and notes.  Notable courses from the Stanford School of Engineering include the following.
  • Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
  • Convex Optimization I
  • Convex Optimization II
Stanford isn't the only school that is promoting their lectures online for free use.  A lot of schools are promiting open learning and collaboration through what is called Open Courseware.  Some notable schools inlcuded.
As an analytics professional for many years I've found honing your skills to be very important for your career.  Now more than ever it is easier to do with schools opening up their classes for everyone.  I strongly recommend finding areas of expertise that you are passionate about or want to learn and find the schools that promote them online.

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