Thursday, December 15, 2011

OpenOpt Suite 0.37

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.37 (2011-Dec-15) of our free software:

OpenOpt (numerical optimization):

  • IPOPT initialization time gap (time till first iteration) for FuncDesigner models has been decreased
  • Some improvements and bugfixes for interalg, especially for "search all SNLE solutions" mode (Systems of Non Linear Equations)
  • Eigenvalue problems (EIG) (in both OpenOpt and FuncDesigner)
  • Equality constraints for GLP (global) solver de
  • Some changes for goldenSection ftol stop criterion


  • Major sparse Automatic differentiation improvements for badly-vectorized or unvectorized problems with lots of constraints (except of box bounds); some problems now work many times or orders faster (of course not faster than vectorized problems with insufficient number of variable arrays). It is recommended to retest your large-scale problems with useSparse = 'auto' | True| False
  • Two new methods for splines to check their quality: plot and residual
  • Solving ODE dy/dt = f(t) with specifiable accuracy by interalg
  • Speedup for solving 1-dimensional IP by interalg

SpaceFuncs and DerApproximator:

  • Some code cleanup

You may trace OpenOpt development information in our recently created entries in Twitter and Facebook, see for details.

See also: FuturePlans, this release announcement in OpenOpt forum

Regards, Dmitrey.

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