Friday, December 30, 2011

Most popular 2011 IEOR Tools blog articles

The most popular IEOR Tools blog articles of 2011.  It is time for reflection and I like to do this every year.  It gives me perspective about what is being read.  It is also an interesting look at our interests.  This year seems to be about our thirst for software tools and how to use them.  Also books are still big for reference materials.

  1. Open Source Replacements for Operations Research and Analytics Software
  2. R Tutorial: Add confidence intervals to a dot chart
  3. Science of Matchmaking
  4. Data Mining Books list
  5. Physicist cuts airplane boarding time in half
  6. R again in Google Summer of Code
  7. Moneyball coming to the big screen
  8. Baseball and Decision Analytics
  9. Question and Answer sites for Analytics and Operations Research
  10. Sports analytics summer blog reading recommendations


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