Monday, June 20, 2011

Moneyball coming to the big screen

Recently I found out that the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis will be shown as a motion picture.  The Moneyball trailer can be viewed online.  In case you have never heard of Michael Lewis then you might have heard about the movie "The Blind Side" which he also wrote the accompanying book.  The book Moneyball is about the Oakland Athletics and how they used analytics and mathematcal know-how to turn around a professional baseball franchise.

The story centers around Billy Beane which is played by Brad Pitt in the movie.  Billy Beane is a professional ballplayer turned General Manager.  Billy Beane inherits the top organizational management job for the losing Oakland Athletics.  He is immediately frustrated with the same old losing ways and believes he needs to shake up the system.  He finds out about the curious world of baseball analytics or otherwise know as sabermetrics and hires a curious crew of young mathematically gifted folks.

The story is fascinating even if you are not a fan of baseball.  The use of mathematics to help make business decisions is nothing new.  Yet employing this analytics method to an industry that is deep rooted in old ways and practices is intriguing.  Changing the ways of the "good ole boy" network requires risk, knowledge, and sometimes good fortune.  This can translate to almost any industry or even organization.  I am most definitely looking forward to seeing this movie.

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