Thursday, June 16, 2011

OpenOpt Suite 0.34

I'm glad to inform you about new quarterly release 0.34 of our free OOSuite package software (OpenOpt, FuncDesigner, SpaceFuncs, DerApproximator) .

Main changes:

* Python 3 compatibility

* Lots of improvements and speedup for interval calculations

* Now interalg can obtain all solutions of nonlinear equation (example) or systems of them (example) in the involved box lb_i <= x_i <= ub_i (bounds can be very large), possibly constrained (e.g. sin(x) + cos(y+x) > 0.5 or [sin(i*x) + y/i < i for i in range(100)] )

* Many other improvements and speedup for interalg

Regards, D.

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