Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recommended Machine Learning blogs

I happened upon an OSQA site called metaoptimize about recommended Machine Learning blogs.  There were a lot of blogs listed on this site that I had not seen before so it really got me interested.

Good Machine Learning blogs

Machine Learning is the scientific process of developing algorithms for computers to evolve based on empirical data.  For instance one may develop a decision tree that helps predict a certain behavior from a data set.  The decision tree itself is just a method to predict behavior.  Yet perhaps more data can be acquired and more behaviors can be realized.  Then the decision tree is computed again based on the newer data (and perhaps combined with the older).  New behaviors are learned from the newer data and a new implementation of the decision tree is evolved for new behaviors.  This process becomes algorithmic and continues.

Machine Learning developed out of the field of Artificial Intelligence.  The idea of having computers learn has been around since as long as computers itself.  Machine Learning is really starting to develop as computing power has caught up to theory.  Machine Learning has a lot of uses and may be used by some of your favorite computer applications.  Some examples include product recommendation systems like Amazon or Netflix, search engines like Google or Bing.  Machine Learning is seeing practical uses in many places and its only just touching the surface.

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