Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DataMiningTools.com devoted to sharing data mining resources

DataMiningTools.com is an up and coming website devoted to all things data mining. There is a lot of tutorials, videos, reviews, and recommendations for quality tools of the data mining trade. There is even a feature for Open Source tools which definitely gets my attention.

DataMiningTools.com seems to be to data mining what IEOR Tools is to Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I really like the presentation of the content. The links are tagged really well and are easy to find relevant resources for data mining. In the future I hope to feature some of the tutorials from this website.

One area you may to look at is the R Project tutorials which has my interest as of late.


Jonathan said...

Thank you very much!

really is a great website, you really are a true resource investigator
industrial engineers

I love your post I found recently, but each one is like a step class.

Larry said...

Thanks Jonathan. I'm glad you are finding IEOR Tools useful in your endeavors.

As a good IE I'm always looking for ways to continuously improve. Please let me know of any recommendations to improve IEOR Tools.