Thursday, April 15, 2010

OR-Exchange Needs Your Help

Michael Trick, maintainer of the OR-Exchange site, is finding himself in a predicament. Apparently the owners of Stack Exchange that make OR-Exchange possible are changing their terms of service and providing an ultimatum to the lower trafficked pages. OR-Exchange will have to shut down if it can not meet the new requirements.

I'm a fan of OR-Exchange. OR-Exchange is a great place to share ideas with the Operations Research community and find answers to questions. OR-Exchange is in the model of and where you can vote up the questions and answers that you find favorable. That means value content will always rise to the top for easy dissemination.

Some people may argue that there is already a lot of information on the internet with Operations Research and that I can't argue against. The value of OR-Exchange is the dynamic collaboration with the Operations Research community. There can be value in posting Q&A topics and getting the community to answer to vote up and comment.

I urge you to give OR-Exchange a try to help promote this project. Otherwise we might lose a great resource.

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