Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Math is the New Cool for Employers

While parusing AnalyticBridge, Vincent Granville posted an article from the Wall Street Journal online that New Hiring Formula Values Math Pros. The WSJ article states that more and more companies are looking to statistics, data mining, and machine learning experts. Computer Science is waning compared to analytic experts. From the article...

The most desirable candidates, employers say, can have a variety of experience and educational backgrounds. Companies say specific degrees are less important than a focus on data-mining techniques.

This is definitely a trend I've been seeing. Companies want to see value delivered from their employees instead of just data management. I'm encouraged for the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research field and am looking forward to see how it takes off.

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Jonathan said...

I like to say that companies how are you

only thing is to see whether or not the data analysis gives clear solutions as often wander in unimportant things