Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Analytic Competitions

In a follow-up to a previous IEOR Tools blog post on Predictive Modeling and Recommendation Challenges there is another organization opening up analytic competitions. Kaggle is an organization that is trying to bring together the best prediction modeling and statistical talent vis-a-vis analytic competitions.


Kaggle is also encouraging organizations to host a competition on their platform. They want to encourage companies to use them to find top notch predictive analysts.

There are two types of competitions promoted by Kaggle. The two kinds are predicting the future and predicting the past. From Kaggle's website...

The platform allows companies, researchers, governments and other organizations to post their problems and have statisticians worldwide compete to predict the future (produce the best forecasts) or predict the past (find the best insights hiding in your data).

The current contest is a European Voting.

Kaggle is taking advantage of the Netflix Prize and its success. The hope is that Kaggle can be a platform to bring these competitions together. It will be interesting to follow Kaggle to see if there is success in these open competitions for analytics. The results of the Netflix Prize seems to think that there will be a good indication.

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