Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 years of blogging with IEOR Tools

I forgot I was going to make a mention but on Nov. 21 was officially two years of blogging about Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Tools.  I have really enjoyed writing about this space and reading all of the contributions.  I have no intentions of quitting and hope to make many more contributions.

An update to the blog is that I'm starting to contribute Amazon content to the site.  Amazon has been a valuable resource for linking books on content matter.  I've thought about adding a website that will be a "store" or compilation of some of the better resources with Amazon being a partner.  I thought I would bring this up with the readers first to see if this would be a valuable addition to this blog.  It would be a clearinghouse or aggregator for all the best tools and resources in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Analytics and Data Mining.  I'm not sure there is anything on the internet besides doing searches in Google or Amazon.  I hope the site would be nice layout to help easily find resources.

Since it is the holiday season I would like to send my warmest regards to all those reading.  I thank you so much for your readership.  I wish you and your family a safe and happy holidays. 

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Paul Smith said...

Hope that you have no intentions of quitting and also hope that you'll make more contributions to the blog.Thanks for the updates!Best regards,