Friday, December 31, 2010

Video of Joy of Stats by Hans Rosling

The Joy of Stats narrated by Hans Rosling was just produced by BBC and shown to their audience.  Hans Rosling via was kind enough to post the full hour video of the documentary about joys of statistics.  The video is posted on YouTube and is available to anyone.

Hans Rosling's passion for statistics is infectious.  He definitely has a joy about him that persuades the viewer to really enjoy finding new and invigorating ways to explore data.  Now for me this is not hard to do as I love data and analyzing.  Yet for many in the world mathematics, let alone statistics, is considered a universe all unto its own that they dare not search.  Hans breaks down that barrier with The Joy of Stats.  No matter your educational interests or background I find it very hard to ignore his plea that statistics is not boring, and dare I say it, sexy. 

If you are interested in this video as a eulogy to statistics you would also enjoy Dr. Robert Lewis's essay on Mathematics.  Both of these works explain how a world without number analysis is merely a world not worth living.  There is so much to explore in so little time.  I am so happy that I decided to take a career in Engineering and Operations Research to help the world one datum at a time.

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chandra said...

The essay on Mathematics had some valuable tips for every one. Hope you share this with face book! Loved it!

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