Thursday, December 16, 2010

New OpenOpt/FuncDesigner quarterly release

New OpenOpt and FuncDesigner quarterly release is out: 0.32.

* New class: LCP (and related solver)
* New QP solver: qlcp
* New NLP solver: sqlcp
* New large-scale NSP solver gsubg. Currently it still requires lots of improvements (especially for constraints - their handling is very premature yet and often fails), but since the solver sometimes already works better than ipopt, algencan and other competitors it was tried with, I decided to include the one into the release.
* Now SOCP can handle Ax <= b constraints (and bugfix for handling lb <= x <= ub has been committed) * Some other fixes and improvements

* Add new functions removeAttachedConstraints, min and max
* Systems of nonlinear equations: possibility to assign personal tolerance for an equation
* Some fixes and improvements (especially for automatic differentiation)

See also: Full Changelog, Some Applications, Future Plans

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